Western Drugs are Increasing in China against Chinese Medicine!!

Chinese medicine can have a pharmacological effect 'but it's not a cure'
The market for Western drugs in China is growing as rapidly as local living standards. But many people still rely on traditional Chinese medicine – and that's no bad thing, says Jim Wu of Roche's R&D center in Shanghai.

The Swiss-based pharmaceutical firm Roche has been in China for a number of years. Its research and development center in Shanghai was set up for innovative drug discovery for the global market. But it focuses on research into Hepatitis B (HBV), which, as a chronic viral infection, has a high prevalence in China and the Asia-Pacific region. 

Dr Jim Wu, who heads the Roche research and development center in Shanghai, told DW it helps being able to take a local perspective on a worldwide problem, especially in a country that has its own take on medicinal therapies.
DW: How bad is the situation with chronic Hepatitis B in China at the moment?

Dr Jim Wu: People may not realize it, but worldwide there are 450 million people who have chronic HBV infections. And in China alone, there are 85 million chronic HBV patients.
That's quite a percentage of the global figure – and that's chronic patients, which means they will never get rid of it…

Right… Two billion people worldwide are infected with HBV but most get it cleared. So, what we're talking about is chronic viral carriers.

Now, you're based in Shanghai and Roche as a company has been in China for quite some years. So, can you give us an idea of the pharmaceutical market assist's developing in China?
Well, with the increase in living standards, the pharmaceutical market is also growing rapidly. I believe it's predicted that China's pharmaceuticals market will reach $100 billion within three years.
From what level?
Currently, I'd say we're at about $20 billion. So, every year it's increasing by 30%.

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