Nokia rolls out colorful external USB charger for Asha phones

Nokia has introduced cuboid external USB charger, the DC-18, for the Asha 501 Dual Sim and Asha 501, reports.
The charger weighs in at 65g and carries 1720 mAh, enough for a single charge.
The DC-18 is an external USB charger available in four colors: red, white, blue, and yellow. The charger's micro-USB is retractable and acts as a switch, a user must pull the cable out to charge and push it back in to disable.
Unfortunately this leaves the micro-USB exposed outside of the charger.

The battery symbol on the front of the device lights up when the cable is pulled out of the charging point to show how much power there is left in the charger.
The charger is currently recommended for the Asha 501 Dual Sim and Asha 501. The new Asha mini phones come with a 3" screen, 6 optional colors, and a single back button. The devices are created to provide more affordable phones for the developing world.
According to 'Conversations by Nokia', "developers will be able to create apps for the Nokia Asha 501 that will also be compatible with future Asha platform-based devices."
The device will be available in more than 90 countries worldwide from Q2.

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