New 'Need For Speed' to hit PS4, Xbox One this year-Technology

New 'Need For Speed' to hit PS4, Xbox One this year
Need For Speed' to hit PS4
Publisher Electronic Arts confirmed the long-running racing series will appear on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year, along with versions for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on Nov. 19.
Need For Speed Rivals will be developed by Ghost Games, EA's newest studio based in Sweden.
"We wanted to build something -- a new team that could come with some new energy that could embrace new thinking," says executive producer Marcus Nilsson, who also worked on the racing title Shift 2: Unleashed. "Need For Speed needs innovation."

First launched in 1994, Need For Speed has been one of EA's flagship franchises, with a slew of annual releases.
For Rivals, players choose between cops and racers, speeding through countless locales and racking up experience through a variety of challenges.
A scene from 'Need For Speed Rivals.'(Photo: Electronic Arts)
A scene from 'Need For Speed Rivals.'(Photo: Electronic Arts)
New to Need For Speed is All Drive, an online feature that allows users to easily switch between single-player racing and zipping down roads with friends online. Once a player enters their friend's racing realm, they can keep playing however they prefer.
"I can play single player and continue my progression in that world," says Nilsson. "But if we meet, our experiences will merge. You can go after me, I can go after you, or if we're both cops in this world, we can start going co-op after the racers we were chasing after."-->
The Auto log returns, allowing players to compare stats with friends or issue challenges. There's also several customization options for vehicles, from fresh paint jobs to turbo boosts and EMPs.
Delivering Need For Speed to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will result in more detailed visuals, improved effects and even a second-screen experience, although Nilsson would not detail what that entails. He adds the latest changes under Need For Speed's hood go beyond the technical.
"The next generation is more about a mindset than anything else," says Nilsson. "It's about connectivity, it's about convenience. It's about how you can actually alter the game play rather than just make more beautiful graphics."

Story By: Brett Molina, USA TODAY


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