Google users now get 15 GB free for mail, cloud storage and photos

Users of Google's Gmail, Drive, and Google+ services have had their storage options simplified, but not exactly upgraded: Instead of keeping separate storage spaces for email, apps and other things, Google is mashing it all together so everyone just gets 15 GB.

Previously, you would have 10 GB in your G mail account, then 5 GB free to start with for Drive, Google+ pictures, and Apps data or whatever combination of those you liked.
Now, no matter what services you do (or don't) use, you've got a shared 15 GB pool to draw from. It's not more, but you may be able to make more of it. (And if not, you can always pay Google for a few extra gigs or put some files in another service, like Drop box.)

The switchover will take place over the next few weeks.

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