Eating peppers could help prevent Parkinson’s

Peppers contain a natural source of nicotine
 Not many people knew that peppers contain nicotine. probably, but with new research from the University of Washington finding that plants containing natural sources of nicotine may have a protective effect against Parkinson’s, it’s likely that it will soon become more common knowledge.
Scientists have noted for some time that cigarette smoking, together with other types of using tobacco, pipe smoking tobacco, for example, are associated with a reduced dangers of developing Parkinson’s. But they weren’t assured exactly what it was about smoking habit that caused this consequence, or else whether it was a non-causative link, ie people who are more prone to develop Parkinson’s are, for some reason, less likely to choose to smoke.

Now, although, researchers have found that Solanaceae, a plant family that contains edible sources of nicotine, may help provide a protective effect also, signaling that it is indeed nicotine that has this beneficial reaction.

The researchers assessed nearly 500 Parkinson’s patients’ diets and using tobacco, and compared those results with another 600 individuals who did not include neurological issues.

The outcome showed that vegetable consumption overall had no protective reaction but the more Solanaceae plants that have been eaten – peppers and tomatoes, for example – the more the risk of Parkinson’s lessened. Peppers appeared to have the most beneficial impression.

The researchers are also keen to point out that the members who had the greatest protective effect from eating the plants had little or no prior use of tobacco. Tobacco contains much more nicotine than in these types of plants and obviously includes many other highly harmful chemicals.

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